Community Competition 2012

This year local parishes taking part in the Floral Guernsey Community competition have achieved an outstanding set of results, that’s according to the competition judges from the UK and Guernsey who were amazed at the high standard shown across the board locally.

The skills and experience of the floral groups were praised, with recognition given to the planting of excellent, varied floral features that together with environmental and educational work meant that this year’s results are one of the best ever. 

Tony Spruce, Chairman of Floral Guernsey said "I am especially pleased to see so many hard working, dedicated people rewarded for their efforts in helping to make Guernsey such a beautiful and sustainable place to live. The council and I would like to thank and congratulate all those who have taken part in the 2011 Floral Guernsey Community Competition, Douzaine Room and It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards".

Community Competition 2012 Awards

Gold St Martins St. Pierre du Bois
Silver-Gilt Forest St Peter Port St Saviours St Andrews

Lady Dory Trophy

Overall 2012 Winner St Pierre du Bois

Special Discretionary Awards

Outstanding Contribution Towards a Community
Ossie Falla Memorial Award
'A discretionary award for outstanding contribution from either an individual or a team of volunteers towards a community entry.'
Mary Sebire - St Pierre du Bois
Best Local Environment
'A discretionary award presented to the community or a sector within a Community judged to have the best co-ordinated approach to resolving environmental issues in harmony with each other.'
St Pierre du Bois
Best Floral Displays
'A discretionary award presented to the community or a sector with a community which has produced an outstanding floral feature or display.'
St. Peter Port
Horticultural Excellence
‘A discretionary award presented to a community or a sector within a community for 'horticultural excellence.'
St. Martins
Local Heritage Award
‘Awarded to the community that best encourages activities and links between their unique local history and cultural diversity within their community and demonstrates this through community activities, planting styles and themes’.
Joc Watts Award
‘For an outstanding contribution towards Floral Guernsey’
Nigel Clarke – Queux Patio Plants
School's Award
Norma Ozanne Perpetual Trophy
Given to a school that makes an outstanding contribution towards a community.
Amherst Primary School
Best Douzaine Room Award
Messrs D H & O N Falla Trophy
Overall Winner
St Peter Port Constables’ Office
It's Your Neighbourhood Award
Improving (Level 3)
Parasol Antiques - Old Quarter (St Peter Port)