New Planters for Schools

Floral Guernsey and Guernsey Prison have been working together to provide planters for local primary schools. Some of which will have a special purpose.

Floral Guernsey Schools Co-ordinator, Gerry Tattersall said “ I knew the prision were looking to become involved in a new community project and following a request for new wooden planters from St Martins school, came the idea of the prisoners at Guernsey Prison making the new wooden planters”.

The Prison Governor, Dave Matthews, agreed to support making the planters not only for St Martins but for other local primary schools too. Mr Tattersall and a representative from the prison then visited five schools to measure up for planters. They also accepted requests to make welly holders and raised beds for Le Rondin School.

“We are more then happy to be involved in creating planters and beds for the children to learn about planting and for the whole school to enjoy. It’s proving to be very popular as Floral Guernsey are receiving more requests as other schools hear about the project” said Mr Matthews.

The first set of planters are to be delivered this week and they will have an extra special purpose. Floral Guernsey Schools Coordinator, Gerry Tattersall and Anthony Gray from Guernsey will be delivering the first 12 planters to St. Andrew's School.

“The planters for St Andrews are extra special,” said Mr Tattersall. “As the school is due to close, we at Floral Guernsey, thought it would be a lovely idea if the children could take their planters with them to their new school. This way they can continue to enjoy them and we hope it will help the children to settle into their new environment”.